Fitting Van Experience

Fitting Van Experience

The Ultimate Club Fitting Session

The PGA TOUR Superstore Fitting Van Experience is the ultimate custom club fitting opportunity that helps you get the most of out of your game. A private, one-on-one session, the PGA TOUR Superstore Fitting Van Experience combines game-changing technology and manufacturer-specific equipment with the personal attention of our certified fitters to deliver a fully immersive fitting session.

Don't forget to bring your current clubs to your fitting session so we have a starting point. Your Fitting Van Specialist will consider data collected from each shot when selecting new components, so be prepared to hit several shots. The fitting process is a collaborative effort between fitter and golfer, but it's the golfer's individual needs and preferences that dictate the end result. Fitting Van Specialists will recommend the equipment that best improves your game and satisfies your preferences, but rest assured that you won't be met with a hard sell or unnecessary upcharges during the fitting or club ordering process. Once you've found the perfect fit, your new custom clubs will be built and shipped to the location of your choice.


Each Fitting Van Experience utilizes industry-leading GC Quad launch monitor and simulator technology to measure clubhead and ball flight statistics. Being able to identify the exact position of the club through impact will help you understand the shot results. And you will be able to watch the improvement in your ball launch numbers as the fitting progresses, seeing the overall benefit to your ability to hit good shots.


Our top priority for the Fitting Van Experience is to help you have more fun while playing better golf. The first step toward that goal is ensuring our fitters stay up to date on the latest equipment and training practices. All Fitting Van Specialists receive the highest levels of product and fitting training from the major equipment manufacturers, making them experts in the club fitting process.


We offer hundreds of shaft and clubhead options from the leading brands in golf. One of our key differentiators is our commitment to using tools that meet the same quality controls as the finished equipment built by the manufacturer. This includes using each manufacturer's head and shaft connection system, which allows us to create a more accurate fit.

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